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Landscaping can be anything from a small project to a large project.

With your involvement, our Wisbech-based landscapers will design an attractive space that meets your budget.

How we can help

Landscaping & garden design

There are many ways you can enhance a garden without spending the earth. For example, cleaning and re-pointing joints in an existing patio is cheaper and can make a huge difference in a short space of time compared to having a brand new one. Adding a single feature is another option, like a centrepiece on a lawn, such as a rotunda, on which you could stand a bird-bath or table. These small things can boost the appearance of your garden significantly.

On a larger scale we can completely re-design your garden to best suit your preferences ⁠— with your input, of course. There could be a number of reasons for doing this: For example, the previous owners designed the garden but it has never been to your personal taste. Or maybe you feel it's time for a change. Whatever your reasons, we can help from start to finish.

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Paving & decking

A hard standing area such as a patio is a desirable part of any garden; it is often the first thing you step onto as you come out of your property. Therefore it needs to look good and be installed properly.

We only use good quality materials: Our patios are constructed on a 75mm compacted base at a minimum, then each slab is laid individually on a solid screed of cement.

Whether you want to install decking, a patio or paving, it is important that we take time testing samples on your chosen area. This will help you visualize the end result. Size must also be considered if you want your hard standing area to be used for tables and chairs as there will need to be enough room to walk around the furniture comfortably. In this case, we will of course be able to help and guide you on the design and scale.

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Low maintenance gardens

Perhaps you can no longer manage your garden or you simply don't have the time. We specialize in creating low maintenance gardens which require little effort to maintain.

Low maintenance could mean getting rid of just one section of a lawn or border. In some cases, shrub borders can have a sheet membrane laid and covered with a decorative shingle, leaving existing shrubs in place but preventing weeds from emerging within the rest of the border.

Some customers choose to remove their whole lawn and have a sheet membrane laid and topped with decorative shingle as a base layer. A rotunda is then added as a centrepiece with evergreen shrubs planted through the sheet membrane to add height to the garden. This can also look nice with selected rocks dotted here and there. Others may decide to have an area paved.

Again, whatever your preferences, we can design your garden to suit your needs.

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Fencing, gates, pergolas & trellis

We offer all styles of fencing and gates, including:

  • Closed board: Posts set in concrete with horizontal rails and vertical boards, and concrete or wooden posts
  • Standard overlap or decorative fence panels with concrete or wooden posts
  • Post and rail (paddock) fencing
  • Chain link fencing
  • Slotted concrete posts and panels
  • Driveway gates built to suit
  • Five bar field gates. Also used for driveways.

All our wooden products are pre-treated.

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Turfing, seeding & planting

The lawn is an important part of a garden for many people. We can do simple lawn repairs or set up a completely new lawn. Careful consideration must be taken when choosing between seed or turf, as should the time of year and current climate. We will advise you on this when the work begins.

Any new lawn we undertake will have the ground fully prepared prior to seeding or laying turf. This will include killing old weeds or removing the existing lawn, and rotovating and levelling the ground to prepare it for seed or turf.

If the earth in your area is particularly bad we may have to apply topsoil to lay the foundation for your healthy, new lawn.

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Grounds maintenance

We look after many gardens and grounds in Fenland for residential and commercial premises. We offer:

  • Lawn cutting and strimming
  • Weeding borders
  • Weed killing (sprayed)
  • Lawn treatment
  • Snow-clearing
  • Sweeping and litter-picking
  • Shrub pruning and trimming
  • Waste removal
  • Garden clearance
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Ponds, water features & repairs

We can install ponds and water features or repair existing water features.

Custom ponds and water features

We generally build ponds from scratch using a top-grade liner and we shape it to your preferences. Ponds are a lovely asset to have in any garden, but they require maintenance and this is determined by the pond's size. Smaller ponds with a fountain in the middle for aeration, noise and aesthetics will not require the filtration system that a larger pond might, and a filtration system needs to be cleaned regularly. With that in mind, it is very important that we select a pond size which meets your requirements.

We also install pebble pools which are lovely to look at and listen to, especially on a Summer's evening!

A cascade is an eye-catching feature for a new pond or an existing one. We build our cascades using select rocks or other materials.

Pond repairs

We do many pond repairs. In most cases a liner has become punctured. Sealing a patch is fairly simple providing the liner is of overall good health. To do this, we usually have to drain your pond to locate the leak. In this instance, we would temporarily store the original pond water and your fish in our holding pond with an air supply.

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